The Absurd Cost of Stroller Rentals

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Thanks to the Be Our Guest Podcast crew for jumpstarting this article during their incredible 12 hour live show!  If you missed it, they raised over $1800 dollars (as of this writing) for Give Kids the World!

Stroller rental costs at Walt Disney World are flat-out ridiculous.  It’s the perfect example of how not to treat a captive audience.  After all the expense to travel to Walt Disney World and the cost of paying for tickets, hotel, food, and everything else, renting a single-passenger stroller costs more than many counter service meals per day.  

The current rate for a single passenger stroller is $15.00 per day, and a double stroller costs $31.00 per day.  If a guest prepays for the length of the stay, a single-passenger stroller costs $13.00 per day, while a double stroller costs $27.00 per day.  That’s right, renting a double stroller costs more than two single-passenger strollers.  How can that be?  I doubt the double strollers cost Disney more than twice the single stroller.

The stroller rental rate is a scam in my opinion.  A cursory look at pulled up a number of strollers that cost $15.33.  For the same price as one day of renting a stroller, a stroller can be purchased.  Granted, the stroller looks a bit cheap, but the option is there.  A second option is bringing a stroller from home.  We did this on my last trip; we had no trouble taking the stroller with us all the way to the gate and checking it just before boarding.  Once we arrived in Orlando, the stroller was waiting for us on the jetway.  Of course, when flying be sure to check the airline baggage fees and rules; we flew Southwest and checking the stroller didn’t cost us anything.  If driving, pack a stroller in the vehicle instead of paying the ludicrous rates.

How can Disney fix this?  It’s quite simple; stop treating stroller rentals as a profit center.  Instead, charge guests a nominal fee to cover the costs of maintaining the stroller fleet.  Let’s face it; for a family with a young child, one of the first things they will take care of at a Disney park is a stroller.  Once a guest has stepped onto Disney property, shouldn’t they be treated like they are welcome instead of feeling like they’ve been ripped off by the cast member behind the stroller counter?  I think so; therefore I suggest packing or purchasing a stroller for the Disney parks.

Special thanks to afagen on Flickr for the Animal Kingdom strollers photo.

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  • Dreemfinder

    Gee, you sound just like that guy Walt Disney, who thought services in the park should be comparably priced to the outside world to keep the theme of the customer-as-guest. I was working at EPCOT the day Eisner announced that every division of the company was now considered a profit center with a goal of 20% annual growth. Thanks, Mike.

  • Rikki Niblett

    So glad we could give you the idea. :)

    I agree with you…don't rent a stroller…buy a cheap one or bring one from home.

  • Megan

    I agree. Better option are stroller rentals outside Disney. They offer more comfy strollers at a lesser price. They provide excellent service too.