The Planning Cycle Begins Again

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The Planning Cycle Begins Again photoWe’ve taken some time off of Disney vacations since my son was born last year; however, the gears have been turning ever since we got back from Walt Disney World in September 2009.  For now, the target is Summer 2012.  I can hear the gasps already; yes, Summer.  The time of year us Disney fans try to avoid, I specifically have targeted.

Why?  My daughter will be in Kindergarten which severely limits when we will be able to visit.  Spring Break, Summer, or Christmas are the three times of year where we could put together more than a couple of days, and I’d like to be there for at least a week.  This dilemma plagues families taking any vacation, but we don’t really feel we should be taking our daughter out of school for a trip.  (Note: this is not a judgment on anyone who takes their children out of school for vacation.  This is simply our decision on the matter.)

I feel the Summer season will be a bit less hectic than the other two, and despite the heat (which we dealt with on our last trip) we will probably enjoy ourselves more except maybe for Christmas, but I’ve been in those crowds before and I’d wait until my son was older to do that.

First issue: which resort do we want to visit?  2012 is also our five-year wedding anniversary, and we spent our honeymoon in Southern California.  The first idea is a return visit to Disneyland, this time with the kids.  We’d probably also go to the San Diego Zoo again as we really enjoyed it and the kids probably would too.  However, our son hasn’t been to Walt Disney World yet, so that option is also on the table.  If we go to Walt Disney World we are also going to need to spend at least one day at Universal to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Both my wife and I enjoy the books and movies.

Yes, Summer 2012 is a long way off still, but it’s going to creep up on us before we know it.  Yet the planning cycle begins again, and all the little decisions will be made over the next year and a half.  This article is the start of a series documenting the planning that goes into a Disney vacation.

What are your thoughts on destination?  Should we go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?  Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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  • DVCMom

    I’ll be in WDW in June 2012 for my best friend’s wedding. I haven’t been in the summer for a very long time and I’m worried about the crowds.

    In general, I found Disneyland easier to deal with two small kids. Also I think Cars land is opening in 2012. It’s a tough choice, but I think I would be leaning towards Disneyland.

  • Jenn (DisneyGirlinNJ

    Hmm… I actually like the idea of Disneyland and Cali! Especially since it’s a milestone anniversary and all. If you go the WDW route, hotel suggestion would totally depend on what category you’d want. :) Love the idea of monorail resorts with the little ones, my dad went with my step bros family and said that the short monorail rides saved them a few days. For other resorts, I’d have to figure out which ones have the coolest pools for the kids! :)